The Health Center of Nevada helps individuals reject harmful substances and live a healthy lifestyle. We encourage individuals to seek help for their addiction problems, whether it be drugs or alcohol so that they can live life to their highest potential. The goal of our facility is to guide people struggling with addiction to a brighter future free from drug and alcohol abuse.

We focus solely on the care of the individual, catering a program to their specific needs so that they get the most out of their time within our treatment center. Our purpose is to help those in need that want to be free of the hold their unhealthy choices have put on them.

Each and every individual is capable of gaining and maintaining sobriety. Our organization believes that the key to sobriety is a stable foundation, and we build a foundation of trust and accountability with our patients. They can feel relaxed and comfortable knowing their needs are provided for, and that they have someone to talk to no matter what the situation is.

Our facility boasts a wide range of treatment programs that can be customized to fit any person’s individual situation. We can even treat co-occurring addictions and assist with detox. We provide the best quality care to our patients because we put them first in all matters.

The Health Center of Nevada provides both in-patient and out-patient care, and we are equipped to handle anything that may occur on the premises.

We give patients comprehensive treatment for their substance abuse and address the mental disorders attached to them, thus reducing the chance of relapse by targeting the underlying cause of addiction.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for a loved one, choose a treatment facility that will accommodate them and offer the best treatment services available.