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Why Do People Choose Drugs and Alcohol?

Drugs and alcohol are substances that interrupt the flow of life for individuals that suffer from addiction and substance abuse. It’s often not a choice to be addicted to drugs and alcohol, but it started somewhere.

Harmful substances like drugs and alcohol block receptors in the brain that release pleasurable feelings. When these receptors are blocked by use of drugs, it makes not having the substance unbearable. Many feel as though they need alcohol or drugs to feel good about themselves and about life. This is often not true, and once their dependence on the drug has worn off they can begin recovery and make steps towards lasting sobriety.

Drugs are often used as an escape from something, whether it be a traumatic event or an unstable home life. Injury can cause the abuse of substances to heighten, as the injured person sees the narcotic as an escape from physical pain.

Substances like alcohol can lessen the sensations of all emotions, the good ones, and the bad ones, giving users a false sense of freedom. Taking drugs does not fix problems, or even allow individuals to escape from it – problems and issues stay just as they are, waiting on the action of the individual to spur change.

Some people are more prone to becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol than others. Many complex factors play a role in addiction, and each one comprises an individual and determines their likelihood to become addicted to substances.

Biology plays a significant role, as humans inherit the genes of their parents. If one or both parents or relatives are prone to addiction, then it is likely the children will have a predetermination for addiction as well.

The environment is another critical part of determining the likelihood an individual will abuse drugs or alcohol. If they grow up around or are constantly in, an environment where drugs and other substances are shown and taken then they are likely to follow suit. Humans mimic behavior as a biological way to find and keep companionship, making peer pressure and the need to fit in a way someone could get entangled with harmful substances.

If substances were taken while pregnant then there is an even greater chance of addictive tendencies in the child. Areas in the brain are still developing during pregnancy, and these areas are highly affected when you introduce drugs or alcohol into their system.

Development of certain regions of the brain and body can be destroyed in the fetus, or they could stop growing altogether leading to developmental issues and disorders. They could suffer from poor judgment, lack of self-control, anger issues, and risky behavior.

Loneliness is another common reason people turn to drugs and alcohol. Substances can be a source of comfort in an otherwise lonely world. Our organization seeks to change that by fostering a sense of community throughout our treatment programs. We offer comprehensive support mentally and like to think of each individual as a family member.

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